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TUINA is a Chinese system of massage, acupoint stimulation, and manipulation using forceful maneuvers, including pushing, rolling, kneading, rubbing, and grasping to achieve therapeutic effects. This invigorating massage style is great to revive the energy and as a tool to manage chronic conditions.
Transform your home or office into a private spa with a Tuina massage. Complimentary aromatherapy upon request. Happily serving the San
Diego area.
In Home Tuina Massage
90-min:$120, 120-min or Two 60-min: $150
Schedule an appointment with me at my office in Mission Valley.
Call 609-906-0572 to schedule an appoinment. Complementary
enhancements aromatherapy upon request.
Tuina Massage
60-min: $40, 90-min:$60, 120-min: $80
Massage by Melanie
Melanie Jaquess, CMT #57149, CPMT, BCTMB #849028